Corporate Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: Bring Light To Life

Mission Statement: To deliver light to shine on our customers, shareholders, employees – and our world.

Growth Strategy: We grow our business by helping our customers solve complex business challenges which bring them a competitive advantage through our innovative solutions.

Solid Foundation

Borne of the Telecommunication Device (TD) business originally owned by NSG Group (, Go!Foton is a global photonics company with a strong presence in the optical communications industry.

As creator of the SELFOC Lens, Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG) manufactures and distributes more gradient-index lenses than anyone else in the world. Developed in the late 1960s, the SELFOC Lens has revolutionized the industries of fiber optic communications, medical imaging and document reproduction by providing a modern alternative to conventional glass optics. The world’s first “self-focusing” lens is recognized worldwide as a unique, convenient and economical solution to many optical design challenges.

After the management buyout of NSG Telecommunication Division (TD) business in 2009, Go!Foton became the exclusive supplier of SELFOC Micro Lens products for the optical communications market worldwide. Go!Foton also distributes NSG Group’s Information Devices such as SELFOC Micro Lens Arrays and Selguides for scanning and 1:1 image transfer applications in North America and Europe.

By building on NSG’s material and manufacturing expertise, Go!Foton extended its leadership role by introducing Original Opti-Sourcing™. This program delivers custom solutions to address unique problems that our customers may have, creating and enhancing customers’ competitive advantages in their marketplaces, and allowing customers / partners to focus on what they do best. Go!Foton has evolved from a conventional materials supplier into a full service photonic solution provider.


In leveraging our technical knowledge, R&D expertise and manufacturing leadership, we deliver Original Opti-Sourcing™ value added services and products at any stage of the development cycle. Go!Foton has developed long-standing relationships with the preeminent optical component, system and system integration companies who look to Go!Foton for design and development, outsourcing, channel management, packaging and manufacturing services.

Go!Foton uses Original Opti-Sourcing™ as a service to offer manufacturing capabilities to our customers in various vertical markets together with the company’s design and development capabilities in micro optics. By leveraging Go!Foton’s optical expertise and its global reach, customers have access to Go!Foton’s “One-Stop-Shop” for all their optical component manufacturing needs.

Go!Foton complements its “Original” optical designs with specialized technology procured through partnerships with key industry leaders in areas such as thin film coating, fiber interface modules for PON technology, and other unique technologies. This approach enables Go!Foton to offer a comprehensive “tool box” of component solutions in high growth areas in today’s marketplaces, such as broadband FTTx and PON networking, wireless backhaul infrastructure deployment, medical/biotech applications, etc..

Go!Foton offers a vast, global network of resources and services to its customers. Customers build their business by using Go!Foton’s employees, facilities and intellectual property. Go!Foton brings over 95 years of material innovation through our partnership with NSG Group. Go!Foton brings 30 years of high-grade fiber optics manufacturing experience to customers by delivering customer solutions through strategic partnerships.

Who is Go!Foton?

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High Density Fiber Management Platform

Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions, launches PEACOC V3.0 aimed at addressing the architectural and business needs of Central Offices and Data Centers looking to implement emerging next generation applications such as 5G, C-RAN, NG-PON2, and Ultra Long Haul transmission.

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