Photo Detectors

Go!Foton’s InGaAs Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) and PIN Photodiodes are suitable for various applications in optical communications and power monitoring. Go!Foton provide SFP Transceivers for PON networks.



Go!Foton produces a series of transceiver modules for PON applications, video-related products for video-overlay PON (VPON) and supporting ICs. The transceivers are designed for point-to-multipoint (P2MP) WDM single fiber configurations (PON). In general, 1.31, 1.55 and 1.49 μm wavelengths are used. In particular, in the upstream, the uniquely designed burst-mode (BM) transmitter in the ONU module and BM RX in the OLT module make the system design simpler and less costly. The modules are made of compact 2×5 or 2×6 small form factor (SFF) with a SM pigtail, SC receptacle or a small form pluggable (SFP) with SC receptacle, unless a custom feature is requested. Go!Foton has developed devices for video-overlay applications including 3-wavelength video splitters and a compact / low-cost video receiver. These products are readily usable in conjunction with 3W-TRX™ equipped ONU modules.


Reach Extenders

Go!Foton presents the compact GPON Reach Extender for optical access networks. It is a physical layer device capable of working transparently with GPON optical interfaces defined in ITU-T G984.2 standard. This active reach extender can extend the overall fiber length up to 60km and expand the fiber splitting ratio significantly.


Line Combiners

Go!Foton brings to market the GPON 4/6/8-Channel Line Combiner. An active CWDM PON solution for expanding networks. A set of OEO combiners (ZLC2G5G-A & ZLC2G5G-B) combines up to 8 PONs onto a single optical trunk line for transmission and increase the fiber usage efficiency 8 fold. In addition, the combiner can extend overall fiber transmission distance between OLTs and ONUs up to 60km and increase the overall fiber splitting ratio.



High Density Fiber Management Platform

Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions, launches PEACOC® V3.0 aimed at addressing the architectural and business needs of Central Offices and Data Centers looking to implement emerging next generation applications such as 5G, C-RAN, NG-PON2, and Ultra Long Haul transmission.

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