Built on the innovation PEACOC® Platform with patented Spreadable Adapter Technology, Go!Foton is showcasing its latest innovations in Fiber Optical Connectivity

Built on the innovation PEACOC® Platform with patented Spreadable Adapter Technology, Go!Foton is showcasing its latest innovations in Fiber Optical Connectivity which are designed into intelligent Patch Panel Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) applications further re-architecting Layer 1 fiber connectivity for data center and carrier access networks.


Somerset, N.J. (OFC 2017) Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions is showcasing a range of advanced connectivity solutions at the 2017 OFC Conference and Exhibition in Los Angeles, California which leverage Go!Foton’s patented Ultra High Density PEACOC® technology platform. These demonstrations will include a highly innovative patent pending Mating Sensor for use in Intelligent Patch Panel applications. A revolutionary concept in OSP Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDH) will also be showcased which is built upon the highly agile, PEACOC® Flexible Tray (FleT) technology which forms the foundation on which small form factor jumpers, fusion splicing and a wide array of optical components can be easily integrated and managed in an ultra-high density enclosure system.


While other technologies can only detect if the connector’s housing is engaged, Go!Foton will demonstrate its newest invention which provides an innovative approach to accurately sensing the actual ferrule mating of two fiber optic connectors within the adapter. This unique capability will allow service providers and data center operators to be able to remotely monitor the mating condition of their optical fiber connections.  When deployed in an Intelligent Patch Panel, the Go!Foton Ferrule Mating Sensor will enable a truly smart physical layer that helps service providers minimize their network downtime and maintain customer SLAs. This highly innovative adaptation of the industry leading PEACOC® technology provides added value to the service provider while allowing the use of conventional, low-cost optical fiber jumpers cables.


In addition, Go!Foton has redeployed its PEACOC® flexible tray (FleT) cassette with patented Spreadable Adapter technology into a creative concept design for an outside plant Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH), which further extends the impact and reach of Go!Foton’s PEACOC ™ technology platform beyond simply the Central offices and Data Center environments. The PEACOC® -based FDH being shown at the 2017 OFC Conference incorporates splitters, patching, splicing, and connector parking into a highly compact and modular design. According to Go!Foton VP and GM Michael Zammit, “With our new PEACOC® FDH, our engineers totally reinvented the concept of cable management by implementing a solution which offers FDH installers phenomenal front side access to all cabling, splices, and optical components while maintaining our commitment to provide a craft friendly approach that is fast, easy, and reliable.”  By providing this functional modularity, flexible cable, management, and multiple mounting options, the Go!Foton FDH can be customized to meet the needs of new and emerging fiber network requirements.


Go!Foton is showcasing the PEACOC® V3.0 Ultra High Fiber Management Platform with its line of innovative derivative at the OFC Conference and Exposition in Los Angeles, CA March 21-23, 2017. Visit us at Booth #3300.



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