PEACOC™ High Density Fiber Management Platform

Go!Foton is proud to offer a remarkably new and innovative optical fiber distribution management system for Telecom and Datacenter applications which require ultra-high capacity and density. PEACOC is Go!Foton’s Platform with Enhanced Access for Compact Optical Connectors. It is a revolutionary technology platform that promises to enhance the way data center and telecom operators manage the increasingly complex world of optical connectivity. The PEACOC fiber management system is the industry’s only solution allowing tool-less access for up to 144 simplex LC connectors in just 1RU of rackspace. It is also the only high density solution which provides easy access to both the front and rear connectors at the same time – from the same side of the rack!


PEACOC™ FleT Preconfigured Cassettes

Go!Foton's PEACOC FleT is a highly flexible, cassette based design which may be ordered preconfigured or reconfigured in the field at any time, to support a variety of fiber patching and splicing applications. In addition, the FleT enhancement to PEACOC allows users to field install, manage and reconfigure integrated optical components such as tap splitters, PLC splitters and xWDM filter modules.


Simplex and Duplex Patch Cords

Go!Foton manufacturers a wide variety of singlemode and multimode optical fiber jumpers for telecom and data center applications. Our state of the art manufacturing process is recognized by leading global service providers as one of the best in the industry. We attribute our success to the highly dedicated and skilled production team which starts by selecting only the highest quality fiber and connector components. Each of our valued technicians is expertly trained in assembling and polishing connectors to near perfection.


MPO / MTP Patch Cords

GoFoton’s MPO/MTP multi-fiber jumpers deliver the performance and reliability needed in today’s demanding high-speed broadband and data networks. GoFoton’s MPO/MTP jumpers utilizes precision ferrules, precise housing dimension and metal guide pins to ensure accurate fiber positioning when mating. This results in the best possible optical performance. All of our MPO/MTP jumpers, fanouts, and loopbacks have been rigorously tested and certified by Telcordia for compliance with GR-1435, Verizon TPR.9431, IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5.


Multifiber Fanout / Breakout Cables

FGo!Foton’s Fan-out/break-out fiber cable assemblies deliver the performance and reliability needed in today’s demanding high-speed broadband and data networks. Go!Foton’s Fan-out/break-out cables have many variations to choose from to fit your precise applications: MPO-to-LC, MPO-to-SC, MPO-to-MPO, LC-to-LC, LC-to-SC, and more! Performance is always guaranteed since all Go!Foton cable assemblies have been tested by Telcordia for compliance with GR-1435, GR-2866, Verizon TPR 9431, IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5.


High Density Optical Fiber Flex Circuit

The Go!Foton Optical Fiber Flex Circuits are manufactured using highly efficient routing and precision placement of optical fibers onto an ultra thin and flexible substrate to create an accurate, reliable, and space-saving fiber circuit. These highly durable and flexible fiber circuits can be made in virtually any shape or size allowing them to be more easily arranged into high-density packages saving valuable space on circuit boards, card level interconnections in optical linecards, backplane interconnects and other applications requiring high density fiber routing and management.


Fiber!FAST™ Indoor Living Unit (ILU)

Fiber!FAST is a revolutionary leap in drop cable solutions which allows service providers and building owners to bring cutting edge FTTH services to existing living units, offices, and other buildings in a faster, cheaper, and easier fashion. Fiber!FAST is simple and quick to install by just one technician which dramatically reduces the cost of installing FTTH services in existing living units. Fiber!FAST does not require drilling or the use of mechanical fasteners which helps minimize the disruption and mess normally associated with retrofitting cables throughout existing spaces. The resulting installation is both aesthetically pleasing and highly reliable – critical factors which greatly increases customer satisfaction!



High Density Fiber Management Platform

Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions, launches PEACOC™ V3.0 aimed at addressing the architectural and business needs of Central Offices and Data Centers looking to implement emerging next generation applications such as 5G, C-RAN, NG-PON2, and Long Haul transmission.

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