Go!Foton’s PEACOC Ultra High Density Fiber Management Platform Granted US Patent #8,939,792

Somerset, New Jersey March 23, 2015 — OFC 2015

SOMERSET, N.J.– Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative optical connectivity solutions, is proud to announce that its industry leading PEACOCTM Ultra High Density Fiber Management Platform has been awarded its first US
patent, US Patent #8,939,792. This patent is the core patent for Go!Foton’s PEACOC technology platform, filed first among a series of patent applications.

“Our growing family of products based on the PEACOCTM technology platform promises to transform the optical network by enabling communication service providers, including data center operators, to more efficiently and cost effectively scale their optical facilities to support the explosive growth in port density.”
– Dr. Simin Cai, President and CEO of Go!Foton

The highly innovative Go!Foton PEACOC (Platform with Enhanced Access for Compact Optical Connectors) solution is unlike any other fiber distribution frame (FDF) on the market today. It is a fully integrated and modular technology platform that forms the foundation on which small form factor jumpers and a multitude of optical components can be easily incorporated and managed in an ultra-high density rack system. At the heart of the solution is the highly innovated PEACOC technology itself. This revolutionary Go!Foton design solves the biggest hurdle associated with the use of high density fiber distribution frames today, namely, the difficulty in accessing and handling the compact optical connectors to perform fiber jumper management. Furthermore, it removes the limitation for the industry to move towards even smaller form factors for optical connectors in the future. With PEACOC technology, each individual optical connection can be easily isolated from adjacent optical connections in a safe and accurate fashion. When deployed with Go!Foton’s newest GR-449 compliant GEN IV Fiber Distribution Frame (FDF), an industry leading 4320 simplex LC ports can be effectively installed and managed in a standard single density rack frame while providing a generous region of unobstructed handling space for safe, error free management of small form factor jumpers. The PEACOC platform is also the only FDF solution on the market today which allows easy access to both the front and rear plane connectors from the front side of the frame. This helps to reduce the potential for operator error while dramatically improving the speed and accuracy during installation and maintenance operations. This also enables carriers to install two of the high density PEACOC panels in a “back-to-back” configuration within the same 1RU of rack space; further doubling the capacity of a single 7ft frame!

The Go!Foton PEACOC Ultra High Density Fiber Management Platform has successfully passed extensive testing by Telcordia Technologies in accordance with Telcordia GR-449, Issue 3 and Verizon TPR.9464: rigorous requirements for the most demanding Telecom CO, CATV headed, and data center environments. Michael Zammit, Go!Foton VP & GM of Connectivity Solutions indicated, “It doesn’t matter what the optical component is or whether the application supports 40G, 100G or FTTH for that matter. Our intention with the PEACOC technology platform and family of products is to be the foundation from which network operators can exponentially scale their optical networks in a highly modular, accurate, and cost effective fashion”. The
Go!Foton PEACOC solution can be deployed in as little as 1RU increments and may be easily integrated into a carrier’s existing rack frame environment allowing true “pay-as-you-grow” convenience and cost efficiency.

The explosive growth in data center construction driven by social media, internet commerce, cloud computing, and the pervasive demand for ubiquitous upstream/downstream video over smartphones creates a fertile market for ultra-high density optical distribution in telecom and datacom equipment centers. With total data center IP traffic expected to grow at 31% CAGR1 over the next 5 years, datacom managers will increasingly seek out space efficient equipment solutions in order to maximize future scalability in a cost effective fashion. The Go!Foton Ultra High Density PEACOC technology platform, which offers industry leading density, scalability, and accessibility, is the right solution at the right time.

1Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index 2013

Go!Foton is showcasing the PEACOC technology platform at OFC/NFOEC2015, March 24-26 in Los Angeles, California. Booth #1903.

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