• Today


    Go!Foton Group is a leading solution provider to various vertical markets such as medical, biotech, defense, industrial, etc. with a focus in the optical communication industry by its innovations in optical and photonics technologies.

  • Go!Foton Born


    Go!Foton Group born as the result of a successful management buyout of NSG Telecommunication Device business.

  • Pilkington Acquisition


    Pilkington Plc. in UK acquired by NSG Group for NSG Group to become one of the top two sheet glass business in the world

  • PD/APD Re-Developed


    A new line of photodiodes (PD) and avalanche photodiodes (APD) based on its own III-V compound semiconductor capability for internal use re-developed as part of the toolbox to support Original Opti-Sourcing™ Services.

  • Original Opti-Sourcing Services


    Original Opti-Sourcing Services introduced by NSG America as a strategic partnership program in which NSG offers its global network of optical resources including optical design, process engineering, global manufacturing and supply chain management services to assist customers in the development of optical components.

  • EPITAXX Sold


    EPITAXX, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSG through an acquisition earlier, sold to JDS Uniphase as the world-leading supplier of high speed Avalanche Photodiodes (APD). NSG continues to maintain its III-V compound semiconductor wafer growth capability after the sale.

  • Philippines Plant


    NSG Philippines established. A large manufacturing facility in Laguna, Philippines opens to meet the high-volume manufacturing needs of the communications industry. In this ISO certified plant, NSG is able to supply all products in high volume and at a low price.

  • Worldwide Growth


    NSG Europe established to spread worldwide sales of the SELFOC Micro Lens. Aggressive sales and marketing campaigns around the world make NSG the lens of choice in the telecommunications marketplace and helps enable the vast growth of the industry.

  • Undisputed Market Leader


    NSG America incorporated in US to sell SELFOC Micro Lenses in North America. NSG America recognizes the potential of the SELFOC lens and pioneers its entry into the medical, office equipment and telecommunications marketplaces. Demand skyrockets and NSG America becomes the undisputed market leader and the preeminent global micro-lens supplier.



    SELFOC® trademark registered by NSG for its GRIN lens products. Ulike conventional optics which manipulates light via curved surfaces, the SELFOC lens focuses light and transmits images via a simple, flat surface. NSG’ new technology revolutionizes optics.

  • Gradient Index


    A Gradient Index (GRIN) distribution in a glass rod successfully achieved first time in the world by NSG through developing advanced glass chemistries and defining new manufacturing processes.

  • Name Change


    Name changed to Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited, now NSG Group

  • Flat Glass


    America Japan Sheet Glass Company established in Osaka, Japan as a joint venture between Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company in US and Sumitomo in Japan, to produce flat glass using the Colburn process