new starburstPEACCOC ® CHT Clamshell Hardend Terminalnew starburst

Go!Foton’s innovative CHT offers hardened fiber terminal functionality using standard fiber drop cables and connectors no hardened connectors required! The clamshell terminal design provides IP68 protection for each individual fiber connection while providing fast, easy, and secure access to deploy fiber networks quickly and proficiently. CHT offers a compact design to fit into small spaces for any OSP or ISP environment and is available in 4 port and 8 port versions with a variety of mounting options and cable stub lengths for applications in FTTx , Wireless, and other fiber networks. It’s reliable high density, hardened connectivity - that works!

CHT Clamshell Hardenend Terminal

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The The Go!Foton PEACOC Terminal offers high density fiber management in an extremely small yet easily accessible box for fast installation and quick turn up of field connections with guaranteed quality and performance. Offered with a variety of stubbed outside plant (OSP) cable lengths, this fiber terminal provides versatility for a variety of fiber network applications. Non stubbed versions deliver simple plug and play operability using high quality fiber terminations. A variety of mounting options are also available to provide value and consistency throughout the network. This terminal is also available with integrated DWDM's and splitters. It’s high density fiber management - that works!




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new starburst PEACOC ® Compact 12/24 Port ISP Fiber Terminal

The Go!Foton PEACOC Small Indoor 12/24 Port Terminal along with integrated DWDM, CWDM, Tap Monitor or PLC Splitters offers high density fiber management in an extremely small yet easily accessible box for fast installation and quick turn up of field connections with quality and performance. With many optical component configurations available, this terminal delivers simple plug and play operability for use anywhere in the network.

PEACOC ® Compact 12/24 Port ISP Fiber Terminal

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new starburst Ruggedized MDU Drop Cable

The Go!Foton Ruggedized MDU Drop Cable is designed for the rigorous performance needs of today’s FTTH (Fiber to the Home) applications. These cables incorporate the latest bend insensitive fiber that enables worry free installation around tight bending locations. The Ruggedized MDU Drop cable itself is designed for installation using T 25 staplers. The MDU Drop Cable comes with Telcordia GR and Verizon TPR certified SC/APC connectors that provide the high performance return loss required for FTTx signals. The optical fiber utilized surpasses the G.657.B3 technical standards to ensure the reliability of ultra high speed internet and business services. Assemblies are tested and qualified to Telcordia & Verizon standard and meet all EIA.TIA 4 55 3 (FOCIS 3) interface standards for SC/APC connectors.

Ruggedized MDU Drop Cable

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new starburst Engineered Taps Modules

Go!Foton’s engineered Taps are efficient solutions for rural and medium density FTTH deployments FTTH deployments in areas with low to medium subscriber density can cost significantly more per home passed than in dense urban environment With distributed tap architecture, fiber optics taps with a linear, daisy chain topology are used instead of centralized splitters more commonly found with a traditional FDH Cabinet Furthermore, the distributed tap architecture allows service providers to reach considerably more subscribers while actually using less distribution fibers

Engineered Taps

OSP Terminal with Engineered TAPs

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new starburstMDC Patch Cords

Go!Foton’s MDC optical jumper uses the US Conec ELiMENT ™MDC duplex connector with 1 25 mm ferrule used in standard LC connectors for Very Small Form Factor (applications The MDC push pull boots make it easy to access individual connectors in extremely dense environments Polarity reversal of the MDC connector is quick and easy requiring no tools and does not expose or twist fibers. The Go!Foton MDC jumper is designed and tested for high reliability that exceed industry standards We provide experienced technical application support, competitive pricing, and On Time delivery for our customers

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new starburstGPS Timing Cable

The Go!Foton GPS Timing Cable is designed to reliably provide accurate GPS clock synchronization signals for RF over Fiber Optic (RFoF) applications The Fiber Optic GPS Timing Cable is used to link signals from an antenna to the GPS receiver for in building networks The cables come with GPS timing delay information to provide accurate signal synchronization during configuration The GPS Timing Cable incorporates the latest bend insensitive fiber for worry free installation around tight bending locations

GPS Timing Cable (RFoF)

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new starburstMTP® PRO Patchords

GoFoton’s multi fiber jumpers using USCONEC MTP® PRO connector offers quick and effective field polarity change and pin reconfiguration that is simple and reliable. The MTP® PRO Pin Change Tool is available for easy and reliable pin configuration without removing the housing or handling loose pins. The Go!Foton MTP® PRO jumper is designed and tested for high reliability. We provide experienced technical application support, competitive pricing and On Time delivery for our customers.

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High Density Fiber Management Platform

Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions, launches PEACOC® V3.0 aimed at addressing the architectural and business needs of Central Offices and Data Centers looking to implement emerging next generation applications such as 5G, C-RAN, NG-PON2, and Ultra Long Haul transmission.

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