OFC Press Release: Go!Foton to launch the PEACOC ™ V3.0 Ultra High Density Fiber Management Platform

Platform has an assortment of integrated optical components designed at revolutionizing NG-PON2 rollouts by significantly reducing the space required to deploy the WDM filters.

Somerset, NJ (OFC 2017) Go!Foton Corporation , a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions is launching PEACOC ™ V3.0 with a wide array of integrated , passive optical components which enables true pay-as -you-grow flexibility, while specifically addressing the many NG-PONS architectural and business challenges facing service providers’.

The PEACOC ™ Flexible Tray (FleT) is a value-added package solution designed to easily integrate a multitude of optical components while leveraging the patented Spreadable Adapters Technology inherent in the PEACOC® platform-to provide service providers with a solution which enables high-density, modularity, and craft-friendly deployment for components such as WDMs and splitters in a fiber network. The PEACOC® FleT cassette allows users to field install, manage and reconfigure optical components such as tap monitoring ports, PLC splitters, FBT couplers, and WDM filter modules.

Specifically, Go!Foton has integrated the necessary WDM and splitter components for use in NG-PON2 networks into the PEACOC ™connectivity platform. A fully loaded PEACOC® chassis can house up to 24 NG-PON2 WM1 filters in 1RU of rack space. Furthermore, since PEACOC® is designed to mount into any standard 19” or 23” frame, a 1RU PEACOC® chassis loaded with the NG-pON2 WMx or CEx optical modules can be implemented into the same equipment racks as the NG-PON2 OLTs, thereby eliminating the need for separate fiber management frame. Michael Zammit, Go!Foton VP & GM of Connectivity Solutions indicated, “ By tightly integrated our own line of Telcordia GR compliant NG-PON2 optical components with our PEACOC® technology platform, we offer service providers the opportunity to deploy a top-of-rack solution which significantly reduces the amount of rack space required for deploying and upgrading a fiber network to NG-PON2 services while simultaneously realizing greater reliability, accuracy, and cost efficiency”.

Go!Foton offers a wide assortment of Telcordia GR compliant passive optical components which are available as either factory installed into the modular PEACOC® platform, or which can be deployed into a variety of applications suitable for nearly all current and next generation fiber network architectures. According to Go!Foton GM Zammit, “ PEACOC® with enhanced FleT technology is a totally fresh approach to value added cassette modules which gives network operators an uncanny degree of flexibility to configure and reconfigure their infrastructure in the field.”

Go!Foton is showcasing the PEACOC® V3.0 Ultra High Density Management Platform with NG-PON2 filters and other integrated passive optical components at the OFC Conference and Exposition in Los Angeles, CA March 21-23, 2017. Booth# 3300. Go!Foton will also be participating in the NG-PON2 Forum workshop scheduled concurrently at OFC on March 23, 2017.

For further information, please go to www.gofoton.com

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