PEACOC V3.0 High Density Fiber Management Platform configured with an All-MPO fanout cassette tray…

Go!Foton to debut its PEACOC V3.0 High Density Fiber Management Platform configured with an All-MPO fanout cassette tray which leapfrogs existing technology by supporting up to 864 fibers in a 1RU chassis.

 Somerset, N.J. (OFC 2017) Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions will demonstrate the great flexibility of its PEACOC V3.0 with an All-MPO fanout cassette tray providing one of the highest fiber count densities for managing optical interconnections. This Ultra-High Density Fiber Management Platform is targeted specifically for the stringent requirements of Central Offices, Data Centers, Wireless Front Haul, Ultra Long Haul and Metro Ring network.

The PEACOC V3.0 platform is built on a patented spreadable connector design that delivers on its promise to future proof fiber connectivity. Originally designed to support easy and efficient craft access to 144-LC connectors in a 1RU chassis, Go!Foton will demonstrate how this very same platform can also support MPO adapters such that a fully loaded 1RU PEACOC chassis can effectively manage up to 864 fibers. Each individual PEACOC All-MPO cassette tray (or FleT) can fanout 144 fibers into 12 individual MPO adapters, thus matching the MPO fanout with the 12 fiber sub-units within the traditional OSP cable infrastructure.

This Ultra-High Density All-MPO capability is made possible by Go!Foton’s innovative fiber management system which allows the routing of a very large number of fiber ribbons in a safe and controlled manner. Users who are already familiar with the challenges of arranging large numbers of mechanical connectors in a density-packed manner will immediately appreciate the elegance and ease of access which is enabled by the PEACOC platform. No other platform on the market today provides such convenience for large hand technicians without sacrificing port density or the integrity of the fiber connection.

The Go!Foton PEACOC solution gives Service Providers and Data Center operators the flexibility to manage a large number of optical interconnects within a very small space and the ability to easily route the fiber circuits to their pathways in a simple, craft friendly manner.

In addition to the All-MPO fanout, Go!Foton will be demonstrating several other MPO capabilities with its PEACOC fiber management platform including an i864f fiber-shuffle and an MPO to LC fanout with integrated Tap Monitoring capability. Go!Foton is showcasing the PEACOC V3.0 Ultra-High Density Fiber Management Platform with MPO capabilities at the OFC Conference and Exposition in Los Angeles, CA March 21-23, 2017. Booth #3300


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