CWDM 1X2 Single Channel Component




  CWDM Systems
  Metro/Access Network
  Enterprise Networks
  CATV Fiber Optic Links


CWDM 1×2 Single Channel Datasheet


Based on Go!Foton’s patented technology, SELMUX™ series is introduced to cover all TFF-based components using an all-glass platform for improved performance, such as lower insertion loss and higher thermal stability, with a competitive cost structure. Because of its high thermal stability, SELMUX series can offer compliance to Outside Plant (OSP) requirement upon request.

Go!Foton’s Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) Mux and DeMux Modules are based on its unique TFF SELMUX technology that provides a high quality CWDM device with high channel isolation, low polarization dependent loss, flat and wide passband, and stable environmental performance.  Go!Foton’s TFF SELMUX products are epoxy-free in the optical path and are in compliance with RoHS 6/6.


  RoHS 6/6 Compliant
  Low Insertion Loss
  High Channel Isolation
  Flat and Wide Passband
  Low Polarization Dependent Loss
  Epoxy-Free Optical Path
  Exceptionally Stable and Reliable
  Telcordia GR-1221 Compliant
  Thin-Film-Filter based


Wavelength Spectrum