Dual Window Fused Tap Coupler


  Fiber Distribution
  Signal Monitoring
  Power Splitting

Dual Window Fused Tap Coupler Datasheet

Go!Foton’s Dual Window Fused Coupler (FFCT-D) can be used to split light from one fiber to two fibers or to combine light from two fibers to one and provide high performance across a broad wavelength.  These devices are ideal for CATV systems and telecommunications, and provide low insertion loss with high reliability.


  Low Insertion Loss
  Telcordia GR-1221 Compliant
  Low PDL
  Wide Operating Temperature Range


Dual Window Fused Tap Coupler


Grade   Premium   Grade A
  Wavelength  (nm) 1310 ± 40 and 1550 ± 40
  Insertion Loss Tap Ratio (dB) Max
50/50 3.6 3.9
40/60 4.7/2.7 5.0/2.9
30/70 6.0/1.9 6.4/2.1
20/80 7.9/1.2 8.3/1.4
10/90 11.3/0.6 12.7/0.8
5/95 14.6/0.4 15.9/0.5
 1/99 23.5/0.3 24.0/0.4
  Uniformity1 (dB) Min 0.8 1
  Polarization Dependent Loss1(dB) Max 0.15 0.15
  Directivity (dB) Min 55
  Maximum Power Handling (nw) 500
  Operating Temperature (oC)2 -40 to 85
  Storage Temperature (oC) -40 to 85
  Fiber Type SMF-28e or Equivalent
  Package Dimension (mm)   250μm Bare Fiber:  (φ)3.0 x (L) 45
  900μm Loose Tube:  (φ)3.0 x (L) 65
3mm Cable: (L)80 x (W)12 x (H)7
All specifications are without fiber connectors.
 1  For 50/50 Tap only
2  -10oC to 70oC for Loose Tube and 3mm cable

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