Edge Wavelength Division Multiplexer for PON



EWDM for PON Datasheet

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Go!Foton’s B-PON/FTTP Coupler is ideal for FTTx and B-PON / G-PON applications.  This coupler is based on SELMUXTM  patented technology which optimizes glass, epoxy and Filter-on-Lens (FOL) technologies to create a high quality 3-port EWDM device with low PDL, low insertion loss and stable environmental performance.  Go!Foton’s SELMUX series are all epoxy-free in the optical path and are completely lead free that comply with RoHS 6/6.


Telcordia GR-1221 Compliant
Low Insertion Loss
 RoHS Compliant (Lead Free)
Epoxy-Free Optical Path
Low Polarization Dependent Loss
Flat and Wide Passband
Exceptionally Stable and Reliable


Edge Wavelength Division Multiplexer B-PON / G-PON / FTTP


Pass Channel Wavelength (λ1 in nm) P1  => P3 1550 ~ 1560
Reflect Channel Wavelength (λ2 in nm) P1  => P2 1260 ~ 1360
1480 ~ 1500
Insertion Loss    Pass @ λ1 (dB) P1  => P3 <0.6
                        Ref @ λ2 (dB) P1  => P2 <0.6
Wavelength Ripple    Pass Channel (dB) P1  => P3 <0.3
                               Ref Channel (dB) P1  => P2 <0.3
PDL (dB) <0.2
Isolation               Pass Channel (dB) P1  => P3 >20
                           Ref Channel (dB) P1  => P2 >20
PMD (ps) <0.25
Optical Return Loss (dB) >50
Directivity (dB) >50
Optical Power Handling (mW) <500
Operating Temperature Range (oC) -40  ~ +85
Storage Temperature Range (oC) -40 ~ +85
Fiber Type SMF-28e or Equivalent
Fiber Length (m) >1.0 (Standard)
Connector None
Package Size (mm)  250μm or 900μm  (φ)5.5 x (L)40
3mm Cable: (L)80 x (W)12 x (H)7
All specifications are without fiber connectors.