Fiber!FAST™ Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions


 Translucent, indoor micro-cable pathway
Bring FTTH services to existing residential living units
Supports Passive Optical-LAN
Ideal for schools, hotels, hospitals, or small businesses

Fiber!FAST™ ILU Datasheet Download

Go!Foton is proud to offer an innovative solution for FTTH deployment in existing multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings.

Fiber!FAST is a revolutionary leap in drop cable solutions which allows service providers and building owners to bring cutting edge FTTH services to existing living units, offices, and other buildings in a faster, cheaper, and easier fashion. Fiber!FAST™ is simple and quick to install by just one technician which dramatically reduces the cost of installing FTTH services in existing living units. Fiber!FAST does not require drilling or the use of mechanical fasteners which helps minimize the disruption and mess normally associated with retrofitting cables throughout existing spaces. The resulting installation is both aesthetically pleasing and highly reliable – critical factors which greatly increases customer satisfaction!

Fiber!FAST is a micro-cable pathway consisting of a durable, 900um drop cable containing the industry’s most advanced ultra bend-insensitive optical fiber (ITU-T G.657.B3). The 900um cable is completely transparent and easily attached to a variety of wall surfaces. Unlike most drop cable solutions which require unsightly staples or conduits, Fiber!FAST is attached to the wall using precision engineered micro-clips which are affixed to the wall using a proprietary adhesive backing. Our patented Fiber!FAST micro-clips not only help to position and secure the micro-cable to the wall surface, they also provide important mechanical protection which enhances the overall durability and reliability of the Fiber!FAST solution. The Fiber!FAST pathway creation toolkit also includes a specially formulated epoxy which can be applied at discrete points along the cable or smeared like painters caulk to further secure and hide the cable against existing moldings, door frames and other wall structures. The result is a nearly invisible installation which may be further painted if desired by the homeowner for a truly finished appearance.


Easy & Fast Installation by one Technician
Complete Pathway Creation Toolkit
No drilling or mechanical fasteners required
Highly durable, yet easily removed when needed
Reliable, Ultra Bend-Insensitive Fiber
Virtually Invisible Installation
Tested by Telcordia to meet the highest Performance Standards – including Verizon TPR.9459


Translucent Optical Micro-Cable fiberspool
  • 900um, Tight Buffered Micro-Cable
  • Ultra Bend-Insensitive Fiber (ITU-T G.657.B3)
  • Hard & Resilient Buffer Material
  • Highly Durable, Engineered Plastic Sheath
  • Nearly Invisible Appearance
  • Paintable if Desired
  • Flame Retardant
Adhesive Clips clipset
  • Fasten Micro-Cable to any Wall Surface
  • Proprietary Adhesive Backing
  • Removable if needed
  • Will Not Damage Wall Surfaces
  • Transparent Appearance
  • Paintable if Desired
  • Flame Retardant
Specially Formulated Epoxy IMG_9107
  • Provides additional adhesion (if needed)
  • Will not drip or run
  • Wide Working Temperature Range
  • Engineered Nozzle for Precision Application
  • Paintable if Desired
  • Flame Retardant

The Fiber!FAST™ ILU solution may be customized for your specific applications.

For your convenience, we are ready to receive your detailed inquiry via web form (click here) or email ( To find out if the Fiber!FAST™ ILU solution is right for your FTTx network deployment or retrofitting, please call and speak to one of our knowledgeable solutions engineers in your region.

Fiber!FAST™ ILU Datasheet Download

What are the recommended installation conditions?

Fiber!FAST™ can be installed almost ANYWHERE! The micro-cable is first secured to the wall surface using the proprietary Fiber!FAST™ clips. These cleverly designed clips have an adhesive backing that allows the technician to properly position and secure the cable to the wall and ceiling surfaces. The highly flexible Fiber!FAST™ solution allows the technician to route the micro-cable along existing moldings, door frames, or along a bookcase, desk or other immovable structure. The clips are translucent and small enough to be very discrete, yet they remain comfortable to handle with confidence and accuracy. The clips also provide important mechanical protection when routing the micro-cable around sharp edges. With it’s highly adhesive backing, the Fiber!FAST™ corner clips work on most common wall surfaces including wood, sheetrock, concrete and plastic. After the fiber cable is properly secured to the wall using the plastic clips, the specially formulated epoxy can be used to further secure the cable against the wall. The epoxy can be applied using the precision engineered nozzle in a continuous bead (similar to the way a painter applies caulk) which has the benefit of fully encapsulating and hiding the fiber. Alternatively, the epoxy can be applied in smaller dollops or beads only as needed. The finished installation is always very clean and neat. Fiber!FAST™ is practically invisible to the untrained eye – and it can be further painted or covered with wall paper if desired by the homeowner.

Will the completed installation be clean and attractive?

YES! The translucent Fiber!FAST™ microcable and corner clips blend into any wall surface (painted or not). The Fiber!FAST™ solution eliminates the need for drilling and fishing cables – which is often time consuming and very costly for carriers. By doing away with the unsightly mechanical fasteners or conduits typically associated with conventional cable placement in existing living units, subscribers are amazed by how clean and neat the installation appears. With Fiber!FAST™, service providers can now be confident and aggressive when they market FTTH services to even the most demanding and discriminating occupants.

Fiber!FAST™ has passed independent testing by Telcordia Technolgies for conformance with Verizon TPR.9459 and other Telcordia GR standards.