Fluorescence Detector FLE-510


  Measurements of traces of reagents and microfluids
  Bio-luminescence Detection

The Go!Foton SELFOC® Fluorescence Detector, FLE-510, is a fiber-optic fluorescence detector with 0.5 nM* sensitivity which is housed in a very compact body that can be built into other analyzers. The Go!Foton FLE510 fluorescence detector works in high ambient light, is highly portable, and is vibration resistant. It can be used as a standalone detector or integrated into other instruments such as automatic DNA analyzers, chromatographic measuring instruments such as HPLC, flow cytometers, or customized for instruments including environmental monitors for air or water that test for trace amounts of contaminants or pathogens.  The FLE-510 is smaller and lower in cost than the FLE-1100 designed without a serial interface for the PC, the FLE-510 delivers the fluorescence detection signal via analog voltage output.

* depending on the specimen and its shape


  Measurements in micro regions (φ 0.2 mm or less) with high sensitivity
  Stable Measurements in Bright Environments
  Compact Detection Probes and Main Body
  Vibration Resistant Optical Fiber


  • Target fluorescent materials – FITC, Cy3, Cy5, etc.
  • Sensitivity – For example, 1 nM or lower for FITC (depending on the shape of specimen)
  • Interface – Analog Voltage Fluorescence Detection
  • Size – 107 * 60 * 30 mm
  • Power supply – 12V DC
  • Detection region – φ 0.2 mm (can be specified)
  • Probe head – Approx. φ 4 mm (using SELFOC® lens)
  • Upper temperature limit of probe – Up to 110°C

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