GPON Reach Extender


  Extension of GPON Transmission Distance
  Increase the PON splitting ratio
  Reduces CAPEX and OPEX in suburban and rural deployments


Go!Foton presents the compact GPON Reach Extender for optical access networks. It is a physical layer device capable of working transparently with GPON optical interfaces defined in ITU-T G984.2 standard. This active reach extender can extend the overall fiber length up to 60km and expand the fiber splitting ratio significantly.


  Transmission reach extension for GPON up to 60km
  Increases the PON splitting ratio
  High extinction ratio in upstream
  Automatic transmitter shutdown in absence of downstream signal from the OLT, minimizing power consumption
  100-240V AC power supply with AC/DC adapter for easy operation
  Also available for GEPON and other access networks
  Fully compliant to standard GPON system operation

Download Reach Extender Brochure