InGaAs PIN Photodiode with Large Photosensitive Area Chip-on-Carrier


 Optical Power Meter
 Infrared Rangefinder


950 to 1625nm Spectral Response
High Sensitivity
Planer Structure for High Reliability
 High Shunt Resistance
 Low Dark Current
 Low Capacitance

PIN Photodiode with Large Photosensitive Area Datasheet



Go!Foton large area Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) Photodiode consists of pin structure and photo sensitive area of 1 mm diameter with planer structure for high reliability. This PD has photo response in the near infrared spectrum range, between 950 and 1650 nm. This device has very high sensitivity and low noise, making it suitable for industrial application. The photodiode is mounted on ceramic subcarrier. PD chip is fabricated at Go!Foton proprietary wafer fab.


electro optocal chars abs max rating drawing

PDF Datasheet:

InGaAs PIN PD with Large Photosensitive Area, Chip on Carrier Datasheet