HD Optical Fiber Flex Circuit

High fiber count shuffling in optical transmission & switching equipment
Optical backplane interconnects
Card level interconnects (Line Cards)
Wavelength selective switches
Complex optical fiber harnesses
High density fiber management

HD Optical Flex Circuits Datasheet




The Go!Foton Premium Optical Fiber Flex Circuits are manufactured using highly efficient routing and precision placement of optical fibers onto an ultra thin and flexible substrate to create an accurate, reliable, and space-saving fiber circuit. These highly durable and flexible fiber circuits can be made in virtually any shape or size allowing them to be more easily arranged into high-density packages saving valuable space on circuit boards, card level interconnections in optical linecards, backplane interconnects and other applications requiring high density fiber routing and management.



Go!Foton high-density optical fiber flex circuits are made using fiber manufactured by industry leading suppliers which ensures the highest possible optical performance while utilizing the Go!Foton production process which can accurately create circuits with over 1000 fibers. The Go!Foton optical flex circuit can withstand extreme environmental conditions in compliance with GR-1221-CORE Environmental Testing without impact on optical performance. The GoFoton high-density optical fiber flex circuit s may be used in both controlled and uncontrolled environments without compromising the optical performance or mechanical integrity of the fiber path. All connectors supplied with the Go!Foton optical fiber flex circuits are certified to meet the highest Telcordia GR and Verizon TPR standards.


Ideal for complex fiber routing schemes and high fiber count applications
Space saving for improved airflow around temperature sensitive components
Supports any connector type
Automated highly efficient and accurate manufacturing process for precise fiber placement and routing
Available in both singlemode and multi-mode fiber types
Versatile routing and management of fibers
Compatible with different termination configurations (as well as pigtails for splicing)
Well-defined polarity and continuity checking
Complete port-to-port Insertion Loss (IL) testing on every fiber pathway
Compact single and multi-layered designs


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