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PLC Splitter Datasheet

Go!Foton’s PLC Splitters provide high performance with very low insertion loss, excellent uniformity and temperature stability, and low PDL. They are designed for demanding requirements over a wide operating wavelength range (1260 ~ 1650nm) and are GR-1209-CORE, GR-1221-CORE specification compliant.  The splitters are pigtailed with Bend-Insensitive Single Mode fiber (Bend Radius 15mm) to achieve a robust, compact package that is durable for field handling. The splitters are available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel configuration with a variety of connector choices.


  Telcordia GR-1221 Compliant
Low Insertion Loss
Excellent Uniformity
  Low PDL
  Exceptionally Stable and Reliable



Parameters Specification
Configuration 1×4 1×8 1×16 1×32 1×64
Coupling Ratio EVEN
Input Port Number 1
Output Port Number 4 8 16 32 64
Operating Wavelength (nm)
Insertion Loss @ 1310&1550nm (dB) <7.5 <10.5 <13.5 <17.0 <20.4
Uniformity @ 1310&1550nm (dB) <0.8 <0.8 <1.0 <1.3 <2.0
PDL @ 1310&1550nm (dB) <0.2
Directivity @ 1310&1550nm (dB) >55
Return Loss @ 1310&1550nm (dB) >55
Optical Power Handling (mW) <300
Operating Temperature Range (oC) * -40  to +85
Storage Temperature Range (oC) -40  to +85
Fiber Type Bend-insensitive fiber, Ribbon
Package Size, (L)x(W)x(H) (mm) 40x4x4 40x4x4 50x5x4 50x7x4 70x12x4
Package Option ; 900um tight buffer (mm) 95x75x9 120x90x9 120x90x16
; 2mm cable (mm) 95x75x9 120x90x9 120x90x16
All specifications are without fiber connectors

PLC Splitter Ordering Information Cassette

PLC Splitter Ordering Information Enclosure

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Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter