Power Monitor PIN Photodiode, Ultra Low Leakage


  PON System Monitoring
  Monitor for Amplifier/Telecommunication System
  DWDM Channel Monitoring

 Ultra Low Leakage Pigtail Power Monitor Datasheet



  High Return Loss
  Epoxy-Free Optical Path
  Dual Window Version Available
  Exceptionally Stable and Reliable
  Extremely Low Dark Current at High Temperatures

Go!Foton’s “Low Leakage” Power Monitor PIN Photodiode assemblies are designed for optical network monitoring applications.  The photodiode die is fabricated on Go!Foton’s proprietary wafer fab and assembled into an hermetically-sealed package. InGaAs photo Diode has a low Leakage (low dark current) and a flat and rapid power response across a wide wavelength range.  This product is available with mounting brackets(Flange) to ease board assembly.