Power Monitor PIN Photodiode


  Monitor for Amplifier/Telecommunication System
  DWDM Channel Monitoring
  PON System Monitoring


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  Epoxy-Free Optical Path
  High Return Loss
  Low Dark Current
Exceptionally Stable and Reliable
Dual Window Version Available



Go!Foton’s Power Monitor PIN Photodiode, assemblies are designed for optical network channel monitoring applications.  The hermetically sealed InGaAs photo detector has a low dark current and a flat and rapid power response across a wide wavelength range.  This product is available with mounting brackets (Flange) to ease board assembly.

Absolute Parameter   Specification  
Maximum  Reverse Voltage (V) 20
Rating Forward Current (mA) 25
Reverse Current (mA) 5
Operating Case Temperature (OC) -40 to +85
Storage Temperature (OC) -40 to +85
Lead Soldering Temperature (OC) 250 (10sec, 2mm from case)
Electro-Optical Parameter Min. Typ. Max.
Characteristics Operating Wavelength (nm) 1525 1565
(Reverse Bias VR = 5V) Responsivity (A/W) 0.8
Return Loss (dB) 45
Dark Current @25oC, Vr=5V (nA) 5
Capacitance (pF) 12
Bandwidth (MHz) 300
Polarization Dependent Responsivity (dB) 0.1
Packaging Parameter   Specification  
Fiber Type SMF-28e or Equivalent
Fiber Length (mm) >1000
Connector None
Package Size (mm) (φ)5.5 x (L)17.2  [22.2]
All specifications are measured without fiber connectors.


Power Monitor PIN Photodiode
* Dimensions are in mm unless otherwise noted

Ordering Information:
Power Monitor PIN Photodiode
Power Monitor PIN Photodiode Pigtail Assembly, C-Band Operating Wavelength, No Flange, SMF-28e Bare Fiber, 1 Meter in Length with No Conncetor.

PDF data sheet