Thermally Expanded Core ( TEC ) Fiber


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  High Power Connectors
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TEC Fiber PDF Datasheet

Go!Foton’s Single Thermally Expanded Core (TEC) Fiber has an enlarged mode field diameter (MFD) obtained by heating a conventional single-mode fiber locally at high temperature (~1300 to 1450 deg C). The core expansion rate depends on the heating temperature and heating time. TEC fiber has the feature that although thermal diffusion changes the refractive index profile, the normal frequency does not change and hence the single-mode condition is maintained through the process.



  Low Excess Loss
  Durable for High Power
  ROHS Compliant
  Available in bare fiber and glass capillary pigtail
  Large Expanded Region
  Available in various MFD sizes
  AR Coating option available

Mechanical Drawing:

TEC_pigtail-diagram TEC_diagram2

*Polishing Length is the allowable length of the TEC Region that can be reduced without affecting the expected MFD of the TEC Fiber


  20µm 30µm 40µm
Initial Mode Field Diameter (µm) 10.4*
Final Mode Field Diameter (µm)  20 ± 2 30 ± 2  40 ± 5
Cladding Diameter (µm) 122~125
TEC Region Length (mm) 1.5 ± 0.5
Polishing Length (mm) ≤0.5
Excess Loss (dB) ≤0.10 ≤0.10  ≤0.15
*Specification for initial mode field diameter is based on commercially available fibers and is dependent on the fiber structure.