Fiber!FAST ® Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions

Fiber!FAST ® Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions

Go!Foton offers an innovative solution for FTTH deployment in existing multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings.

Fiber!FAST® drop cable solutions allows service providers and building owners to bring cutting edge FTTH services to existing living units, offices, and other buildings in a faster, easier, and more cost effective solution. Fiber!FAST® is simple and quick to install by just one technician which dramatically reduces the cost of installing FTTH services in existing living units. Fiber!FAST® does not require drilling or the use of mechanical fasteners which helps minimize the disruption and mess normally associated with retrofitting cables through existing spaces. The resulting installation is both aesthetically pleasing and highly reliable – critical factors which greatly increase customer satisfaction!

Fiber!FAST® is a micro-cable pathway consisting of a durable, 900um drop cable containing the ultra bend-insensitive optical fiber (ITU-T G.657.B3). The 900µm cable is completely transparent and easily attached to a variety of wall surfaces. Unlike most drop cable solutions which require unsightly staples or conduits, Fiber!FAST® is attached to the wall using precision engineered micro-clips. Our patented Fiber!FAST® micro-clips not only help to position and secure the micro-cable to the wall surface, they also provide important mechanical protection which enhances the overall durability and reliability of the Fiber!FAST® solution. The result is a nearly invisible installation which may be further painted if desired by the homeowner for a truly finished appearance.


  • Easy & Fast Installation by one Technician
  • No drilling or mechanical fasteners required
  • Highly durable, yet easily removed when needed
  • Reliable, Ultra Bend-Insensitive Fiber
  • Virtually Invisible Installation
  • Tested by Telcordia to meet the highest Performance Standards – including Verizon TPR.9459