Industry & Products

Go!Foton’s Datacenter Product Line

Go!Foton’s PEACOC® (Platform with Enhanced Access for Compact Optical Connectors) is a revolutionary technology platform that enhances the way data centers and telecom operators manage the increasingly complex world of optical connectivity. The PEACOC® product family integrates Go!Foton’s innovative spreadable adapter technology into a traditional bulkhead style fiber panel. The result is a simple and low-cost solution that enables superior access and secure fiber management for any number or type of connection. It is ideal for today’s modern high capacity and data-rate intensive telecommunication and data communication networks.

Go!Foton’s Telecom Product Line

With an ever-increasing consumer demand for ubiquitous internet access at home, work, and via mobile phones, the need for high-capacity optical networks is now at an all-time high. Whether the application is long haul, regional, metro, access, wireless backhaul, IP backbones, PON, or video distribution, Go!Foton offers a full line of essential optical components required to create high performance, reliable optical communications networks.

Go!Foton’s Telecommunications product line includes Simplex, Duplex, Breakout and Multi Fiber Cable Assemblies, Wavelength Division Multiplexers, Optical Couplers/Splitters/taps and detectors for optical power monitoring. Products are available in discrete packages or as customized integrated modules.

Go!Foton offers a full range of solution options based on specific application requirements and budget.

Go!Foton’s Imaging Product Line

Go!Foton is the premier supplier of lens arrays used in the imaging industry. Our lens arrays are found world wide inside copiers, facsimile machines and scanners. Our lens arrays are used anywhere a 1:1 image transfer is needed. By using our arrays, an erect, real image is produced with superb image quality. These images have no distortion at the periphery, offering uniform resolution and even brightness.

Go!Foton’s Industrial Product Line

Go!Foton, the trusted name in glass technology, offers a global network of resources to customers through our Original Opti-Sourcing program. We can help build your company without an expansion of your work force or equipment. We become a virtual extension of your business by offering the services of our employees, facilities and intellectual property. Go!Foton brings more than three decades of high-grade optics manufacturing to assist you in meeting today’s business challenges as well as nearly a century of material innovation via NSG Group.

Go!Foton’s Medical Product Line

From endoscopes to cutting edge OCT, Go!Foton has the optical components for your needs. Go!Foton arranges the production and assembly of a full OCT probe including prism, torque coils, and other components with the PBPC.

Find out more about our products for fluorescence detection and image acquisition in the lab. In addition to image management, SELFOC® Lens Arrays (SLAs) can be used for scanning biomedical samples on slides.