The procuring of best-in-class optical services from a materials leader in order to gain design competitive advantage, operational excellence & manufacturing flexibility for the production of high-grade optical products.

Sensible solutions for your complex business needs:

Go!Foton services has made the investment in human and equipment capital to create competitive advantage for our customers. By employing Go!Foton services, our partners benefit from the vast knowledge resident within our organization and avoid the financial and market risks associated with product lifecycles and facility management.

Manufacturing Services

Go!Foton Manufacturing Services, the trusted name in glass technology manufacturing, offers a global network of resources to customers through our Original Opti-Sourcing program. We can help build your company without an expansion of your work force or equipment. We become a virtual extension of your business by offering the services of our employees, facilities and intellectual property. Go!Foton Manufacturing Services brings 34 years of high-grade optics manufacturing to assist you in meeting today’s business challenges as well as 95 years of material innovation via NSG Group.

Optical Design

Go!Foton Optical Design Services offers consultative R&D from our experienced Ph.D. level staff. We are material experts who have developed groundbreaking technologies by creating, refining, and processing advanced glass products. Go!Foton Optical Design Services utilizes these capabilities to aid in the design and development of device packaging. We recommend materials best suited for your application and assembly techniques that ensure best-in-class performance and environmental stability.

Project Management

Responsive project managers communicate and coordinate customer requirements throughout Go!Foton’s global organization. Our partners gain access to a worldwide network, yet are insulated from the hassles of conducting business around the world. Go!Foton’s local staffs retain authority to affect change at our remote facilities in order to better serve our customer’s changing needs.

Strategic Partnership

Go!Foton partners with industry players to offer one-stop-shop solutions for customers. Follow the link below to learn more about partnerships with Go!Foton.

Sales & Marketing

We help the right partners leverage our global Sales and Marketing presence which covers North America, Asia, Japan, China and Europe.


Customized Solutions

At Go!Foton, responsive project managers communicate and coordinate customer requirements throughout Go!Foton’s global organization.


High Density Fiber Management Platform

Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions, launches PEACOC V3.0 aimed at addressing the architectural and business needs of Central Offices and Data Centers looking to implement emerging next generation applications such as 5G, C-RAN, NG-PON2, and Ultra Long Haul transmission.

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