PEACOC® EVA High Density Fiber Patch Panels

With PEACOC EVA, you WILL be ready!

The PEACOC Enhanced View and Access (EVA) high density fiber patch panels utilize the reliable and simple PEACOC spreadable adapter technology for superior density for data centers. The distinctive design enables:

  • Faster port identification
  • Easy access to any port in any row
  • Simple connector traceability

PEACOC EVA offers exceptional performance with highly reliable adapters that ensure isolation from adjacent adapters and minimize data loss.

Functional design for your ease of use

PEACOC EVA stands as one of the most flexible and effective fiber optic panels on the market, whether for single panel use or large-scale deployment. The high-density patch panel can accommodate up to 144 LC fiber connections in a single rack unit, providing an excellent solution for space-constrained data centers and server rooms. The spreadable adapter technology enables the quick isolation of optical connections from adjacent ports, providing ample unobstructed handling space for safe, fast and error-free installation and maintenance. Some notable design features include:

  • Fiber housings are available in 1RU, 2RU, and 4RU sizes accommodating up to 144, 288, or 576 fibers.
  • Integrated fiber management ensures safe and efficient routing of patch cords and rear housing doors
    effectively direct cables to minimize bending.
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Easily identifiable ports numbered top and bottom
Easy Access with spreadable adapter technology
High Density panels with up to 72 ports per 1RU
Multiple adapter types and configurations
Patch and Splice cassettes


Spreadable adapters
Numbered ports
All front access cassettes
Scalable density cassettes
Pre-terminated cable assemblies
Single Mode or Multimode
Optical devices (PLC’s and WDM’s)
On-site product training
Around-the-clock global operations and technical support
Digital documentation (QR code on product)
Post sale support

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Go!Foton warrants to its customer that its products shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment.
The Primary standards for compliance testing include Telcordia GR-449, GR-409, GR-63, NEBS Level 3, and UL where applicable.
All Go!Foton patch panels are data rate and rack frame agnostic. That means EVA panels will fit into any standard network rack and will not need to be changed out when upgrading to higher data rates.
Contact us through our website and we will help you locate a supplier near you.
Standard lead time is typically 3-4 weeks on most configurations.
Fiber optic patch panels are essential components in telecommunications and networking systems that involve the use of fiber optic cables. They provide a centralized point for organizing, managing, and connecting various fiber optic cables. Common applications for fiber optic patch panels include:

Data Centers: Fiber optic patch panels are extensively used in data centers to manage the connections between servers, switches, routers, and storage devices. They help in organizing and optimizing cable routing and maintenance.

Telecommunications: Telecommunication providers use fiber optic patch panels to manage the complex network connections between different communication nodes, such as central offices, distribution points, and customer premises.

LAN (Local Area Network) Infrastructure: In corporate and enterprise environments, fiber optic patch panels are used to connect various parts of the network, such as different floors or departments, using fiber optic cabling.

Fiber Optic Distribution Frames: These panels serve as distribution points for incoming and outgoing fiber optic cables. They are often found in telecom facilities and data centers where multiple cables need to be efficiently connected.

CATV (Cable Television) and Broadcast Facilities: Fiber optic patch panels are used to manage the connections between various broadcasting equipment and transmission points, ensuring reliable and high-quality signal distribution.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Installations: Fiber optic patch panels are used in FTTH deployments to manage the connections between the main fiber backbone and individual homes or businesses.

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