PON Components

With an ever increasing consumer demand for ubiquitous internet access at home, work, and via mobile phones, the need for high capacity optical networks is at an all time high. Whether the application is long haul, regional, metro, access, wireless back haul, IP backbones, PON, or video distribution, Go!Foton offers a full line of essential optical components required to create high performance, reliable optical communications networks.

The Go!Foton product lineup includes Wavelength Division Multiplexers, Optical Couplers/Splitters/taps and detectors for optical power monitoring. Products are available in discrete packages or as customized integrated modules. Go!Foton offers a full range of solution options based on specific application requirements and budget.

Wavelength Division Multiplexing is a fundamental building block in high capacity optical communications networks. The Go!Foton line of passive WDM products is built on a thin film filter technology and our proprietary SELMUX™ packaging platform. Products include 100G and 200G DWDM, Coarse WDM, and Edge WDM. These products are ROHS 6 of 6 compliant, qualified to Telcordia GR1221 standards, and validated for outside plant operating temperatures of -40C to +85C.

Optical Modules for PON and VPON Overlay

Go!Foton also produces a series of optical transceiver modules for PON applications, video-related products for video-overlay PON (VPON) and supporting ICs.

The transceivers are designed for point-to-multipoint (P2MP) WDM single fiber configurations (PON). In general, 1.31, 1.55 and 1.49 μm wavelengths are used. In particular, in the upstream, the uniquely designed burst-mode (BM) transmitter in the ONU module and BM RX in the OLT module make the system design simpler and less costly. The modules are made of compact 2×5 or 2×6 small form factor (SFF) with a SM pigtail, SC receptacle or a small form pluggable (SFP) with SC receptacle, unless a custom feature is requested.

Go!Foton has developed devices for video-overlay applications including 3-wavelength video splitters and a compact / low-cost video receiver. These products are readily usable in conjunction with 3W-TRX™ equipped ONU modules.

Reach Extenders, Line Combiner

Go!Foton presents the ZB2G Repeater for Optical Access Networks. Available for APON, BPON, GPON, GEPON, Turbo-EPON and other Access Networks. These repeaters can increase the number of splits in the PON (>128) and extend the transmission distance to over 60km (depending on delay tolerance of OLT MAC).

Go!Foton brings you the PON 8-Channel Line Combiner Pair. An active (C)WDM PON Solution for expanding networks. A pair combines 8 PON lines and increases the fiber usage efficiency 8 fold. In addition, the combiner pair extends the PON transmission distance, significantly.

Fiber!Fast™ Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions for FTTH deployment in MDUs

The Fiber!Fast™ Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions. Fiber!Fast™ ILU is an innovative MDU drop cable solution that allows service providers to bring FTTH service to existing MDU living units in a faster and easier fashion. Fiber!Fast™ ILU reduces a carrier’s installation costs and minimizes the disruption and aesthetic objections often associated with retrofitting service cables in existing MDU living units.

Fiber!Fast™ ILU consists of a new 900um drop cable with G657.B3 fiber, the most advanced bend optimized fiber manufactured by Samsung Electronics. The translucent Fiber!Fast™ cable is easily attached to a variety of wall surfaces using simple and discrete plastic clips. Designed and manufactured by Go!Foton, the pathway management toolkit provided with Fiber!Fast™ ILU includes a variety of these clips along with a small tube of specially formulated epoxy which can be applied at discrete points along the cable or smeared like painters caulk, resulting in a truly invisible installation that may be painted by the homeowner if desired. The unique design also provides exceptional mechanical protection when routing the optical drop cable around inside and outside corners. Often missing from other MDU cable solutions, corner protection prevents excessive bending and the formation of stress points on the cable.

Avalanche Photodiodes

Go!Foton’s Avalanche Photodiode (APD) is suitable for 10 Gbps applications in optical communications including long haul receivers and SONET/SDH receivers. With a 1000 to 1625nm Spectral Response, the new InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode (APD) with Integrated Lens, 10 Gbps(Chip-on-Carrier) product has a planer structure for high reliability, a back illuminated structure and the optical signal goes through the integrated lens on the back surface.


High Density Fiber Management Platform

Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions, launches PEACOC V3.0 aimed at addressing the architectural and business needs of Central Offices and Data Centers looking to implement emerging next generation applications such as 5G, C-RAN, NG-PON2, and Ultra Long Haul transmission.

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