PEACOC® CHT Clamshell Hardened Terminal

Reduces the need for splicing in the OSP environment
Eliminates dependance on hardened connectors
Shortens lead times with standard universal drop cables and connectors
Diversifies supply chain using standard fiber cables
Simplifies inventory management
Deploys in a broad applications space across any OSP, 5G and FTTx network

PEACOC CHT Clamshell Hardened Terminal Datasheet




Go!Foton’s innovative CHT offers hardened fiber terminal functionality using standard
fiber drop cables and connectors no hardened connectors required! The clamshell
terminal design provides IP68 protection for each individual fiber connection while
providing fast, easy, and secure access to deploy fiber networks quickly and proficiently.
CHT offers a compact design to fit into small spaces for any OSP or ISP environment
and is available in 4 port and 8 port versions with a variety of mounting options and
cable stub lengths for applications in FTTx , Wireless, and other fiber networks.
It’s reliable high density, hardened connectivity that works!

Hardened connectivity using standard LC, SC, and MPO fiber connectors
Compatible with any standard universal drop cable
Isolated individual connector ports, each in a dedicated IP68 chamber with reliable clasp latching
Compact 4 Port and 8 Port configurations
Pole, Wall, Pedestal, Manhole, Handhole and Strand mountable
Variety of input fiber stub lengths with two spooling options depending on deployment scheme
Compliant with GR 771 and IEC 60529 (IP68)




PEACOC CHT Clamshell Hardened Terminal Datasheet

All of our terminals may be custom configured as required for your specific applications. Please see the PDF Data Sheet above for ordering details.

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